Sometimes people focus too much on the road they should take that they forget their destination.

Don’t be rigid about your way. If one way is clogged up, find another one. Sometimes the best way is the roundabout way.

In life, some people focus too much on living a way of life that they forget what they live for and lose themselves in the end. A man wanted to become a doctor so bad that he died young from working too hard.

Others focus on their goal and find that the future that they get is not the future they expect. But, they don’t lose themselves. And they reach their goal. A man wanted to become an Olympic swimmer and he ended up being a legendary military strategist.

What do you truly want? What is your goal? Keep that goal in mind. Don’t let the road distracts you.

Keep asking yourself: is this my goal or is it just a road that I can replace if necessary to get to my goal? Losing the forest for the trees is a real phenomenon.