Since many people seem to be fond of defining masculinity and femininity however the hell they want, I decide to do the same.

This post will get updated continually as my knowledge is also renewed continuously.

In this interpretation of mine, femininity and masculinity is not tied to sex (male or female) or even to humanity at all (a non-living thing can be feminine or masculine if it has the right characteristics).

The hierarchy characteristic

For me, the feminine serves the masculine as its master. The masculine serves an idea (or some ideas) as its master. An idea serves part or all of humanity as its master.

The stereotypical feminine is the housewife who supports her husband in his career. A nonconventional example would be a career woman who supports her researcher husband. The idea of the feminine serving the masculine is pervasive and not that hard to explain.

What’s harder to explain is the idea of the masculine serving an idea. For me, the idea of masculinity is tied with the idea of life-purpose. A great illustration of this would be from the movie The Book of Eli. There, Eli, the male main protagonist, decides that his life purpose would be to bring the Bible to the West Coast of USA. He may not have an abundance of money, power, or women around him, but his life-purpose makes him masculine (in my opinion). An even greater example would be the girl Solara from the same movie. She spends most of her screen-time supporting Eli as a feminine, but at the end of the movie this girl has a life purpose: she decides to go back to her hometown to restore order (despite being offered a safe sanctuary on the west). The ending of the movie shows this girl heading into the sunset, manlier than most men I’ve encountered in my real life.

People usually don’t realize the idea of an idea serving humanity (as a whole or partially), but it’s actually not that hard to explain. The idea of science and God exist to serve humanity as a whole. The idea of mafia or yakuza exists to serve all the members of that group (which is part of humanity).

The scientists who work for the advancement of humanity are serving the idea of science, which in turn is serving humanity as a whole. An example of this is those who created the internet. They labor to create the internet, which in turn serve all people, whether they are good or bad.

The saints who labor in the name of God are serving the idea of God, which in turn is serving humanity as a whole. An example of this is Mother Theresa who labor for all the people she can serve, whether the people she serve are good or bad.

The idea of mafia is created for the sake of the clan. The members are obliged to serve the clan, which in turn will benefit all members of that clan.

For me, the feminine is not exclusively a servant and the masculine is not exclusively a master. Everyone is always a master and a servant.

So, for me, the question is not who is above whom (as a master) and who is below whom (as a servant). Many people seem to get irritated when they are told they are below others, and they may get too prideful when they are told they are above others. For me, above and below don’t matter. The things that actually matter, wherever your position is in the hierarchy, whoever is above you or below you, are rights and responsibilities. A servant has rights that have to be honored by his master and a master has responsibilities that he must do.

So, for me, “are you a master or a servant?” is an irrelevant question, since we all play both role at all time. The relevant questions are:

  • Are you a good master?
  • Are you a good servant?
  • Do you have good master(s)?
  • Do you have good servant(s)?

Be a good master and a good servant, and people will be happy to be around you. Have good masters and servants, and you yourself will be happy.

To be more masculine is to be a better master of the feminine and to be a better servant of the ideas. Treat the feminine (girls, kids, and feminine men) right, but don’t be a weak master (being “too nice”), since a weak master is a bad master. Find your life purpose and try your hardest to reach it, since an aimless and incompetent servant is a bad servant.

To be more feminine is to be a better master of the ideas that serve the feminine and to be a better servant of the masculine. Don’t refuse gallantry since the idea of gallantry is created to serve the feminine and not to demean the feminine. Why would you be angry when your servant serves you? There are of course many other ideas created to serve the feminine that I won’t list here for brevity’s sake. As for being a better servant of the masculine, I think there are many women more capable of explaining it better than I can.

The power characteristic

When you’re overwhelmed by the feminine power, you’ll say “Why should I resist? I don’t want to resist.”

The feminine power is a carrot on a stick. It persuades and seduces. With ill-intent, it can bring ruin, like a beautiful queen encouraging the king to ignore his duty to spend time with her. With good-intent, it can bring much good, like the wise wife persuading her husband to not do stupid things. In both cases, the man thinks “I know I’m being persuaded, but this feels good. I don’t want to resist. So I won’t.”

When you’re overwhelmed by the masculine power, you’ll say “I can’t resist even if I want to. I’m not strong enough.”

This is rather straightforward since masculine power is straightforward. The police (and by extension, the whole society) told you to stop your car. A big, strong bully knocked you out cold. Your boss told you to come see him in his office. All of these are masculine power. Overwhelming masculine power feels like tsunami. Even if you want to resist for dear life, you can’t, so you won’t.

When you’re overwhelmed by the power of an idea, you’ll say “It’s impossible to resist. This idea will just reborn again and again, as long as humanity exists.”

Think you can erase all mafia group? Well, yes you can if you’re powerful enough. But give it enough time and a new one will get created.

Think you can censor 4chan or the Internet? Well, it has been done. But, you know what? Now, there are things like 8chan and the deep web. Want to censor both of those, too? Well, other alternatives will pop up.

Ideas are immortal. It may lay dormant for a time. But, once there is one masculine willing to serve it, it will come back to life.

Some ideas though are practically dead since no one is willing to serve it. For example, the idea of sacrificing a person to wish for a good harvest this year (like in the story of “The Lottery”) is probably dead forever. Hopefully.

It’s noble to try and vanquish the mafia or make the internet a safer place (to a certain extent and with reasonable means). Just be aware that trying to fight such ideas can be an endless battle.