This is the most important benefit that I get from DVORAK: being able to touch type

Learning to touch type in QWERTY is too hard for me. But when I switch to DVORAK, I find that touch typing comes naturally.

Being able to touch type makes me type faster while reducing my chance of making a typo. This is because my eyes don’t have to stare at the keyboard and can focus on checking the texts that appear on the monitor.

Transitioning to DVORAK takes time and patience (it can take months), but it’s not that hard.

If you don’t buy a DVORAK keyboard, then, at first, you will have to cheat: overlay the QWERTY layout that your keyboard have with characters from the DVORAK keyboard. I personally cut a paper into tiny squares, write the letter on top of it, and double-tape it to the keyboard one by one. Of course, you can just buy keyboard stickers and use it as an overlay.

Practice doing drills first (Google: Dvorak keyboard training) until you can get to an acceptable speed (fast enough to not make you frustrated when trying to type things), and then you can use it daily for everything (blogging, programming, creating presentations, etc.).