Welcome to my blog! This blog is primarily a journal/diary of my mental life written as a documentation for my future self.

A friendly warning to other people who are not me:
Anytime you feel that I'm being too harsh or rude in my posts, please remember that the 'you' written on the post refers specifically to me (Yoshua Elmaryono) and not you. If you feel offended by any of my post, please realize that it's not my intention to offend anybody.
All in all, this is my journal. If you don't like it, then there are so many blogs that you can read instead of mine.

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  2. Why I drop out
  3. Risks, prices, consequences
  4. The important role of good mentor (in providing guidance to reach our real goals)
  5. A good way to live
  6. [Mental Technique] Context switching: multitasking strategies for humans
  7. [Technical Tips] Why I go barefoot a lot of the time
  8. What to ask when you are a beginner
  9. [Technical Tips] Using run as textual shortcut for Windows software and file
  10. The unteachable vs. unlearnable
  11. Underlying pattern (what fanatic atheist and fanatic religious guys have in common)
  12. [Technical Tips] Switching to DVORAK so you can touch type
  13. [Technical tips] Practice your foreign language speaking skill alone
  14. My idea of femininity and masculinity
  15. Master of basics
  16. A meta-post: how to be [insert characteristic here]
  17. General job description of programmers
  18. Focus on goal, not on way
  19. The definitive guide to be a genius
  20. Social skill heuristics for logical people
  21. Resolve conflicting heuristics
  22. The relationship between agency and growth
  23. The reality-empathy tradeoff
  24. [Technical Tips] Reading by typing to a note-taking software
  25. Personal time management
  26. Getting to the top vs. getting near the top
  27. The eternal children and how to be more lovable
  28. A business undergrad’s lament
  29. The pros make mistakes too (even if they seem to be perfect)
  30. Money doesn't solve problem
  31. Delusion trick