In college, one of the things I was known for is that I’m that kid who put off his shoes whenever he gets the chance. Yup, I try to go barefoot whenever I can, even in classes. When I can’t, I usually wear thin-soled shoes (minimalist shoes), e.g. Converse sneakers. No, I don’t go barefoot to disrespect other people. I have my own reasons to do so.

The most important reason is that it’s cheap. Going barefoot reduces my expenses.

Going barefoot makes me have better proprioception. In short, going barefoot makes it easier for me to know where my feet are in relation to my other body parts I have and to the surrounding environment.

This good proprioception means that I can play sports (futsal, basketball, running, etc.) without wearing any shoes and not get injured. The implication of this is that I don’t have to buy expensive futsal shoes or running shoes (I run with flip-flops) to do the sport recreationally (you must wear shoes in most sports events and competitions). This good proprioception also implies that I don’t have to incur much injury-related expenses since I get injured less often.

There you have it. Going barefoot reduces my expenses (and injuries).